Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This question comes up all the time. Does RFID solutions solve my problem and the second question; how much does it cost.

Ok Bottom line;

“Yes” (with a qualifier) kind of and probably

More than you want to pay!

Most People look and sell RFID as a total Solution;

RFID is a location tool plain and simple. RFID gives you automated location and movement data and records that into a database and may display it on a graphical interface.

Software is the process control part of the solution and does the magic of th, bringing that timely business driven information to the people that need it to make sound business decisions.

RFID is a Location Tool that must be used for its value as a location tool.

Solutions come from a blend of tools, Software, and integrations, and processes that give the desired results.

The Kind of here is yes; RFID can and is used as a standalone location and monitoring tool and is extremely valuable in these deployments but the ongoing value and ROI is limited to this niche alone.

Software and Integration to current systems is the real value, yes this is where the cost really start racking up but the Return on Investment can be beyond belief.

So to end this Blog;

RFID is a Tool not a total solution, consider this early on and be happy in the end.

Happy RFID Byron