Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How Much Accuracy do you really need?

One of the common questions we get asked all the time is can I know where every things is down to every square foot of space. Well the easy answer is sure you can just give me tons of money. Not being a terrible greedy individual I usually ask the preverbal two year olds question “WHY”?

To be honest if a company’s process control is so bad you cannot locate items anywhere in your facility you have more problems than just one foot accuracy is going to give you. RFID is a wonderful tool for when things get lost but it is not a replacement for broken processes. RFID will enhance good processes and automate them making them better and more reliable and reduce errors. As a hardware and software agnostic consultant we strive to make sure the requirements are based on solid business processes first before we recommend placing technology on top of it.

Bottom Line if you really need to have sub One Meter resolution or slot to slot accuracy first step back and ask yourself “WHY”? LED beacons can be used to give you that final right part confirmation when you’re close and save you countless dollars on systems but nothing fixes broken core processes.

If you have location problems ask the experts that can give you that value stream map and work at a process level not sell you a technology tool that is pitched to solve all your problems.


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  1. I feel so much comfortable and totally agreed on this statement: "RFID is a wonderful tool …..but it is not a replacement for broken processes."

    None of any products in this world would have claimed for "exclusiveness" and the most important thinking is how the existing technology (in hardware and software) could have achieved in betterment for the business process!!

    Do we really need an advance technology which design for tomorrow to be used in today?!? I wonder...