Sunday, January 30, 2011

Give Me your Story

Quote from a linked in post. “My Problem with Zebra and most other location systems is the cost of the supporting infrastructure. You get into large open areas and to power and support them with readers the cost is prohibitive. With RFind and few others the blow to the budget for the supporting hardware to make is work is small if any.”

This is a common thread in most discussion groups. Of course the WiFi and ZigBee vendors come back with their perceived ability of using simple technology that is already in place to accomplish the location task. Personal I see a lot of success stores with the WiFi ZigBee tools but only if you mix in other technology for the accuracy (Sonic, IR, Other) or you add in a large amount of extra supporting equipment.

Experience has taught us that one technology (or Tag) can meet every requirement in most applications. I am not talking where say an active tag Like RFind does not do a fine job in yard management, portal, presence, or thief detection in everything from Rail, transit, manufacturing, airports, oil & gas, and much more but where you move to other areas that require a different format of technology to meet the value/performance requirements.

Software is the key to blend technologies together to get a total solution. My question is how many of you have experienced a project where what was put in place was one technology that is pressed into working for everything. Let me know what happened, what your pain points where, and if you are still using it. Have you had to break the budget to get any value from it and if your success factor was what you wanted.

I’ll share my finding with the group.

Thanks Byron

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